Final Whiplash Design for Iron Man 2?

Click the below link to see what people are predicting to be what Whiplash may eventually look like in Iron Man 2.  The design is said to be used in an upcoming comic that serves as a lead in to the film.  I don’t know if this will actually see it’s way into the final […]

Whiplash: Comics vs. Iron Man 2

In the wake of Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash picture being released, I figured I would throw up a quick little comparison of the Whiplash from the comics vs. the new version from the upcoming Iron Man 2. Comics: “Mark Scarlotti was a brilliant engineer and weapons designer that had expert fighting skills with a whip and […]

Mickey Rourke Still In Iron Man 2?

I should have seen this coming, but it appears that Mickey Rourke may still be in Iron Man 2.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It’s a possibility.  According to the video interview below, it looks like he’s very interested in doing in, but it’s obviously a money issue.  I’m assuming this means that him and his agent […]

No More Mickey Rourke In Iron Man 2

So it looks like that low ball offer of $250k Marvel made to Mickey Rourke to appear as a villain in Iron Man 2 really paid off.  It looks like now he’s off the project. “But so what if ICM’s David Unger doesn’t look good in a dress — at least he’s battling Marvel for […]

Video Interview: Robert Downey Jr. Talks Mickey Rourke

The below video is an interview MTV did with Robert Downey Jr. regarding Iron Man 2 and Mickey Rourke’s involvement.  As it turns out, it sounds as though early rumors of Rourke portraying the villain Crimson Dynamo are false and that Whiplash may in fact be the villain in question.  Either way, check it out […]

Sam Rockwell Update #2: Clarification

So I was reading this interview with Sam Rockwell over at DarkHorizons and at the very end of it there’s a quote that clarifies a lot.  I also haven’t seen this anywhere else yet, so hopefully this isn’t old news. Question: Who would you be in Iron Man? Rockwell: Iron Man, I will be a […]

UPDATED: Sam Rockwell Confirmed As A Villain For Iron Man 2!

Annoying Update: Yes, this is an annoying update indeed, but lets get it out of the way before I voice my irritation with MTV’s shoddy reporting.  IESB caught up with Sam Rockwell at Sundance and asked him about Iron Man 2.  This is what he said; “I don’t know if, we will see, we’ll see, […]

Iron Man 2 Actors Not Getting Paid Very Much?

We’ve been talking quite a bit about the possible addition of Mickey Rourke, and now Sam Rockwell, to the cast of Iron Man 2.  We’ve also discussed quite a bit about certain actors departing from the second film such as Terrence Howard and Samuel L. Jackson.  Well, Variety is reporting that Mickey Rourke has been […]