This Weeks Releases (1/1/09)

This week brings us a decent amount of books worth picking up.  I have typically been listing out the Dark Reign and Secret Invasion related books, but I’m going to expand it to include all Avengers related books and storylines.  Check em out! AVENGERS INITIATIVE #20 – $2.99 AVENGERS INVADERS #7 – $2.99 CAPTAIN AMERICA […]

The New Avengers #48 Mini Review

The New Avengers #48 is sort of a transition issue.  The “Secret Invasion” is over and Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are in search of their abducted child.  The Avengers have just won the battle with The Skrulls in Central Park.  Now what?  That gives you a basic overview of what goes down in this […]

Free Comic Mondays from Marvel (12/29/08)

It wasn’t my fault this time, Marvel didn’t put them up until either late last night or early this morning. So here are this weeks free comic books from Marvel! And what do you know, we get a couple Avengers related books to check out. Dark Reign: New Nation (Secret Warriors) #1 and Thor (1966) […]

This Week In Dark Reign

This week brings us three more Dark Reign focused books; New Avengers #48, Ms. Marvel #34, & Secret Invasion: Requiem #1.  I’ve actually picked up every issue dealing with this story right now and am really into it.  I tried to get into Final Crisis when (DC’s big event right now) it launched and it […]

Dark Reign: New Nation #1 Out Today!

So the Dark Reign story continues with some new issues hitting stands today.  I will most certainly be picking this up.  If any of you out there pick it up, head on over to the forum and lets get a good discussion going.  This is one of the bigger Marvel events going on and The […]

Free Comic Mondays from Marvel (12/8/08)

Wow, talk about slacking on the free digital comic books lately. I can’t even remember the last time we remembered to post this, whoops. Anyways, here are today’s 6 free digital comic books from Marvel that you can check out for absolutely free. I’ll try to keep up with this from now on since Avengers […]

Who Are The Dark Avengers?

In two weeks The Dark Avengers will be revealed.  Who are these seemingly brooding cast of characters?  Dunno.  We will find out shortly though.  IGN has revealed the cover art for this particular title and take from it what you will.  The man standing front in center (pictured left) is believed to be “Iron Patriot” […]