Avengers Assemble on Facebook

Playdom has announced that they will be launching an Avengers social game via Facebook.  I’m not really sure what it will be like since I haven’t gotten into any of these types of games.  Their official description gives you a good idea though. As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., your job is to assemble and lead […]

Avengers International Billboards

Here are two international billboards for the Avengers featuring Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye.  Hopefully we’ll see some more in the next few days.  It would be nice to see a full on Hulk billboard at some point since all we’ve gotten so far is a solo Bruce Banner. Source: ComicBookMovie

Expect Awesomeness: The Avengers

The Avengers is expected in theaters on May 4th, and shortly after on Directv, and superhero fans across the globe are anticipating the clash of their favorite iconic superheroes to pull out witty one-liners (we’re looking at you Tony Stark), fight dastardly villains (Loki, The Red Skull, and the newly rumored “The Redacted”) and save […]

The Avengers Not Your Typical Superhero Movie

The Wall Street Journal caught up with Mark Ruffalo and he had some interesting things to say about the upcoming film. “You have all these disparate egos, superheroes in this and that, and they refuse to give up some of their positions in order to make a more perfect union and to join the team,” […]

Avengers Movie Themed Custom Desk by Tom Spina Designs

Check out this amazing Avengers Movie themed custom desk by Tom Spina Designs.  If you take a look at his website you can see some of the other awesome custom movie furniture and props he’s made.  I particularly dig the custom made Hawkeye arrows.  If only this beauty was for sale. Source: Pursuitist

3 New Avengers Russian Posters

Three new Russian posters for the Avengesrs have popped up over at Shockya and they’re much of the same promotional material we’ve already seen.  It looks like they went with more straightforward character posters versus the ones with the logo sitting on top of them.  I’m sure we’ll see the rest of the russian character posters […]

Is Red Skull A Villain In the Avengers?

It appears that Captain America’s arch nemesis Red Skull may in fact make an appearance in the Avengers.  We’ve heard alot rumors through pre-production about Kree, Skrulls, and even The Incredible Hulk being possible villains, but never Red Skull.  It would definitely make sense though since we’re unsure of what actually happened to Red Skull at the […]

Welcome To The New AvengersNews.com!

I’m pleased to finally announce and unveil the new redesign for AvengersNews.com!  I can’t begin to describe how long it has taken me to finally give this site the overhaul that it truly deserves.  Thankfully, I was given an unexpected kick in the butt when I had some technical difficulties with the site over the […]

The Avengers Russian Trailer (w/ English Annotations!)

Here we have the latest Russian trailer for The Avengers and it’s an improvement over the first trailer we got here in the states.  It doesn’t add alot more info, but it does give us a peek at some scenes we’ve heard about, particularly more of Bruce Banner and his Hulking alter ego.  I was […]

Thor 2 Has A New Director

His name is Alan Taylor.  For those of you that love you some HBO drama, you should be pretty excited about it.  His resume reads something like this; “Game of Thrones” “Boardwalk Empire” “Carnivale” “Deadwood” “Rome” “Six Feet Under” “The Sopranos” “Oz” Pretty impressive list of credits.  He’s helmed episodes of just about every great […]

The Avengers Character Banners

New banners for The Avengers debuted over at Yahoo! and moviefone today and it continues the trend of photo shopped marketing we’ve come to see from this production.  I stil have yet to see anything that has really blown me away, but I’m just hoping that they’re saving some of their best stuff for when […]