We’re Back! Captain America and Thor Call To Action!

Hi All!  I know it’s been a while since our last post but there has been alot going on behind the scenes here at AvengersNews.  First off, I’ve mentioned this once before, but we are working on a major site re-design.  We’ve gotten alot bigger since we first launched a few years ago and frankly, […]

Zak Penn Interview Chats About The Avengers

Zak Penn sat down with CraveOnline to talk about his upcoming projects, and more importantly The Avengers.  Here’s are two great excerpts on how he has to approach writing The Avengers while keeping the continuity of the lead in films (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2) in tact. “CraveOnline: How do you start writing The […]

Thor Casting Rumors

A Lot of rumors have been going around about who Kenneth Brannagh has his eyes on to play Thor as well as the villain, his brother Loki.  First, Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood was supposedly seen having lunch with Brannagh recently, which could be a good sign for him. Channing Tatum is also being looked […]