Captain America Sequel (The Winter Soldier) Casting News

A whole new slew of casting rumors have popped up for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  First up is Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  You may know her from Scott Pilgrim and The prequal/remake of The Thing.  The rumor is that she is the main candidate for Sharon Carter, niece of the first film’s Peggy Carter (S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 13).  I’m sure […]

3 Actresses Marvel Is Looking At For Upcoming Films

Our source tells us that Malin Akerman, Alice Eve and Rachel Nichols have all been in talks with Marvel Studios to appear in future Marvel films.  The thing is they only want one of the three and Malin Akerman and Alice Eve were said to be the front runners for the elusive Marvel picture deal.  […]

Captain America Has Got A Love Interest…

Hayley Atwell has signed on to star as the female lead, Peggy Carter, in The First Avenger: Captain America.  Peggy is best known as Captain America’s love interest during the war, but later ended up being the Aunt of his modern love interest Sharon Carter.  If you haven’t heard of Atwell, don’t worry, she’s relatively […]