Avengers Teaser Trailer Has Been Shot???

According to AintItCoolNews, a teaser trailer for the Avengers has been shot and it features Loki.  There’s no other details besides that but that’s still pretty cool.  To think that Avengers footage has been shot is a pretty exciting thought.  AICN assumes it will play in front of  Captain America and Thor this summer, but […]

The Destroyer Unveiled At Comic-Con

  The Destroyer from Thor was officially unveiled at Comic-Con over the weekend, and it looks, well, like The Destroyer (another picture after the break).  His place in the film is not much of a surprise since a picture leaked from an unspecified source a couple months ago of the character on set (pictured below).  […]

Now We Have Our Loki

Nikki Finke is once again breaking the news about casting in the upcoming Thor film, yesterday it was the Norse God himself, and today it’s his nemesis Loki.  The main baddie in the film will be portrayed by British actor Tom Hiddleston (pretty unknown to American audiences).  According to Finke, Hiddelston has shared the stage […]

Thor Casting Rumors

A Lot of rumors have been going around about who Kenneth Brannagh has his eyes on to play Thor as well as the villain, his brother Loki.  First, Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood was supposedly seen having lunch with Brannagh recently, which could be a good sign for him. Channing Tatum is also being looked […]