Alice Eve & Kevin Pennington finalizing their Marvel Deals?

As earlier reported, actress Alice Eve was up for a role in an upcoming Marvel Studios production. We now have received final word that Ms. Eve has signed a deal with the company this past week for an undisclosed character in an undisclosed film (much like a deal signed earlier this year by Kevin Pennington). […]

Kevin Pennington Being Set To Play Captain Marvel?

We’ve been receiving hints from a source that Kevin Pennington is being primed to play Captain Marvel for upcoming Marvel films. Could this be Waltor Lawson/Mar-Vell or Noh-Varr? We are banking on the latter since that character was a candidate on an earlier list provided by another source.  This character would be wise of Marvel […]

Jennifer Garner being pursued by Marvel Studios?

A source of ours is telling us that Marvel is supposedly looking at actress Jennifer Garner for an upcoming undisclosed role.  It’s another interesting move from the studio.  Could Marvel be pulling another “Chris Evans type casting”? Garner played the role of Marvel super heroine Elektra in both the “Daredevil” and “Elektra” films, much like […]

UPDATED: Nathan Fillion as Henry Pym? Not so fast. Plus, more on Kevin Pennington’s role.

A recent report has stated that Nathan Fillion has been cast as Henry Pym and the announcement would be happening closer to Comic-Con, if not at it.  According to our source, Henry Pym is not close to being cast yet. We did not get any confirmation that Henry would be in the film, although it […]

Kevin Pennington Is One Of These Marvel Characters…

So, we’ve been contacted by one of our sources again regarding the casting of Kevin Pennington.  If you haven’t read our previous post about him, check it out here.    But this is our new info.  Apparently he is one of these characters. – Agent Barton – Agent Reynolds – Agent Jones – Noh-Varr – Agent […]