Howard Stark Re-Cast For Captain America

Actor Dominic Cooper has been cast as a young Howard Stark in “Captain America: The First Avenger”.  The role has will now have been played by three different actors.  Gerard Sanders played him briefly in the first Iron Man film, and “Mad Men” actor John Slattery portrayed him in “Iron Man 2″.  As other sites […]

Iron Man 2 Has A Huge Weekend

Iron Man 2 took in $327.6 million dollars worldwide this weekend.  Not bad huh?  As for it’s North American weekend gross; “Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2 debuted to an estimated $133.6 million in a record 4,380 North American theaters this weekend – an average of $30,502 per theater. The opening marks the […]

Captain America To Go Before Cameras June 28th

Production Weekly tweeted earlier on today that “Marvel’s “Captain America,” have opened a production office at Shepperton Studios, principle photography is scheduled to begin June 28th.”  Pretty straightforward stuff.  Excluding Iron Man 2, which of the next Avengers films are you excited for most; Captain America or Thor? Source: Production Weekly

Iron Man 2 Video Game Prologue

For all of you out there anticipating the video game adaptation of Iron Man 2, the below video is for you.  I know, there’s probably not many of you, but hopefully there’s reason to get a little excited.  The developers have apparently addressed the many problems that fans had with the first game, so we […]

Random Updates – 04.26.10

A bunch of random updates regarding upcoming Marvel movies came out during a press junket for Iron Man 2 over the weekend.  There are some notable pieces of info here considering it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything regarding Ant-Man or The Incredible Hulk.  Below is what Dark Horizons had to report on the […]

After The Iron Man 2 Credits You’ll See…

Rumors are circulating that much like the previous Iron Man and Incredible Hulk films, there will be a scene after the credits of Iron Man 2 hinting at The Avengers movie.  All that’s being said right now is that it will be about Captain America and Thor, but in what capacity nobody knows.  Could it […]

Avengers Logo Discovered?

The logo to the left belongs to Accutech, a subsidiary company to Stark Industries in the Marvel Universe.  It was spotted in a viral marketing video for Iron Man 2.  If you couldn’t already tell, this is very similar to The Avengers logo.  You can see the similarities in the logo for our site above.  […]

Robert Downey Jr. Filming Thor Cameo?

For anybody watching The Golden Globes on Sunday night, you may have noticed Robert Downey Jr. sporting his Tony Stark facial hair.  Websites that got to interview him over the last couple months have said that he wasn’t sporting that hair after his initial shoot on Iron Man 2.  What this regrowth has done has […]