The Rock dressed up as The Incredible Hulk for Halloween

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson dressed up as The Incredible Hulk for Halloween.  As you can see by the picture below, he can clearly pull off the costume.  If Marvel ever decides to go back to a live-action Hulk for a future TV show, it looks like they’ve got a good candidate in The Rock.  He […]

New Hulk TV Series In Development

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it appears that Marvel is toying with the idea of bringing Bruce Banner back to the small screen.  This would be the characters first live action appearance on television since the original 1978 series starring Bill Bixby.  Apparently, there are rumors that Guillermo del Tor and “Battlestar Galactica” producer David […]

“Hulk Vs.” Out This Week

We have posted a few clips & trailers from this release for a while and it’s finally out this week (tomorrow actually).  Here’s hoping this is a good addition to the animated Marvel releases as of late. As you can tell, The Incredible Hulk takes on Wolverine & Thor in two separate animated features. This […]

Incredible Hulk 2? Not Any Time Soon

If you were looking forward to seeing a sequel to the Edward Norton reboot of The Incredible Hulk you may be waiting for a little while. The guys over at SCI FI Wire and got the scoop on what the future holds for The Incredible Hulk movies. According to SCI FI Wire, Tim Roth […]