Free Comic Mondays from Marvel (1/5/09)

Wow, I’m terrible. We’ll just pretend that I posted these on Monday and I’ll change the post date so that nobody knows the difference… yeah, that’ll work. WOLVERINE: AGENT OF ATLAS #1 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #553 NEW AVENGERS #43 X-FACTOR (2005) #25 MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #41 ANGEL: REVELATIONS #1

Free Comic Mondays from Marvel (12/29/08)

It wasn’t my fault this time, Marvel didn’t put them up until either late last night or early this morning. So here are this weeks free comic books from Marvel! And what do you know, we get a couple Avengers related books to check out. Dark Reign: New Nation (Secret Warriors) #1 and Thor (1966) […]

Free Comic Mondays from Marvel (12/22/08)

Marvel doesnt like to put these up in the morning when I check their site, so again, I apologize for the delay in posting these, but at least they are being posted. So here are this weeks 5 free digital comic books from Marvel. MIGHTY AVENGERS #12 NEW EXILES #7 NOVA ANNUAL #1 RUNAWAYS (2003) […]

Free Comic Mondays from Marvel (8/25/08)

Once again, we’ve brought free comic Monday’s to you a day late, our apologies. As the summer comes to a close, we’ve started to slack a little bit. I promise it won’t continue. There are actually a lot of free comics this week so I limited the below list to be more Avengers specific. Enjoy! […]